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Travel Manitoba

As a team of creative thinkers – our first approach to this project is to visualize the final piece as a combination of immersive storytelling and enticing visuals that we can use to create experiences for a diverse community of Manitoba residents.


We use storytelling to produce unique visual content that drives meaningful campaigns. With over 10 collective years of working within tourism industries across the world, we are confident in our ability to showcase brands and ideas in their best light. We are storytellers and creators at our core; a media house dedicated to dreaming big and pushing boundaries.


Detailed below we have included examples of our work that both represents the current scope of the project as well as examples that we think lend themselves to expanding the impact of the proposed development.


Explore Like Never Before – Clear Lake Country



Cranberry Portage – Travel Manitoba



Royal Canadian Mint – Ottawa



Thompson – Travel Manitoba



Prairie Collective – Brand Commercial