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Experience the North

The Challenge

Manitoba’s best kept secret is the North. It is filled with beauty and natural scenery that captivates everyone who sees it. Polar bears, beluga whales, moose, and many more animal roam free across the vast landscape.


Travel Manitoba wanted to showcase all that the North had to offer. They looked to us to capture these awe-inspiring experiences for the world to see.

Snow Lake

Our Approach

Collaborating with the digital marketing team at Travel Manitoba, we created a strategy allowing our team to travel to all of the major hubs of Northern Manitoba in order to showcase the areas. Together, we planned an incredible journey to capture the experiences that these areas had to offer.


We created a series of content for each destination we traveled to. We captured images to illuminate the activities and experiences, and created a 2-3 minute video to showcase each destination.

“Experience the North”

The key was to keep the films upbeat and shareable – producing short social films that ignite excitement among Travel Manitoba’s online audience; getting them ready to plan their next trip to the North.

Travel Monitoba


Travel Manitoba’s new content is short, shareable and strategically made with the viewer’s future travel experience in mind. Collectively, our films have generated over 350,000+ views on their channels alone – reaching over 3 million people worldwide – so far.