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Churchill - Summer

Subarctic Safaris

The Challenge

Sea North Tours is located in Churchill on the shore of Hudson Bay in the Province of Manitoba and is blessed with many beluga whales that travel down from the Arctic Ocean, through the bay, to the Churchill River. 60,000 beluga whales inhabit the Western Hudson Bay region and about 3,000 of those are found in Churchill.


Sea North Tours wanted to create photo and video content that captured the essence of their unique, world-class tours.

Churchill - Summer

Our Approach

Before bringing CoPilot on board, Sea North Tours had never produced a video to showcase the incredible experiences they offer to their guests – so we wanted to make it extra special.


Over several days, our team joined guests on every tour available from sunrise to sunset, in order to capture the immersive experience between animals at sea and on land.

“Subarctic Safaris”

The idea behind this campaign was to imitate a first person perspective of the experience one would have while touring with Sea North Tours. We wanted viewers to feel like this was their journey – not ours.

Churchill - Summer


Our campaign saw over 200,000 impressions, making it Sea North Tour’s best performing campaign ever. Shortly after the release of this video, Manitoba was named one of “Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Regions” to visit in the world. The announcement video included footage from this campaign.