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Creating a marketing campaign without a strategy is like having a car without an engine - it just doesn't make sense. That's where we come in. We specialize in digital brand & strategy, digital marketing, beautifully crafted commercial campaigns and paid digital campaigns.


Custom Helicopters
When CoPilot met with Custom Helicopters, we made the decision to take a flight an hour before sunset to try and capture the best light. Our goal was to create unique photo and video content that could be used on their website, brochures, airport signage and other marketing channels.
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Luxurious is an Understatement

Inn at the Forks
When we began working with Inn at the Forks, along with their sister hotels, our main goal was to create new, refreshing content and grow their social presence substantially. In an industry that relies on it’s aesthetic, we wanted to shine.
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Reintroducing an Old Friend

Asessippi Ski Area & Resort
Asessippi Ski Area & Resort is a beautiful 26-run ski resort situated in one of the largest valleys of Manitoba. When Manitobans drive west towards the mountains, they practically have to drive past this ski area. With the slow decline of new guests and Asessippi celebrating it’s 20th birthday, Asessippi looked towards CoPilot to develop a year-long strategy that would get people excited about winter on the slopes again.
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Subarctic Safari

Sea North Tours
Sea North Tours is located in Churchill on the shore of Hudson Bay in the Province of Manitoba and is blessed with many beluga whales that travel down from the Arctic Ocean, through the bay, to the Churchill River. 60,000 beluga whales inhabit the Western Hudson Bay region and about 3,000 of those are found in Churchill. Sea North Tours wanted to create photo and video content that captured the essence of their unique, world-class tours.
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Experience the North

Travel Manitoba
Manitoba’s best kept secret is the North. It is filled with beauty and natural scenery that captivates everyone who sees it. Polar bears, beluga whales, moose, and many more animal roam free across the vast landscape. Travel Manitoba wanted to showcase all that the North had to offer. They looked to us to capture these awe-inspiring experiences for the world to see.
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