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The Challenge

Custom Helicopters was founded in 1977 and has grown to a fleet of over 20 helicopters. They had just opened up a new flight location in Churchill, Manitoba. Before opening their doors for business, they had to create a strong marketing presence to compete with other local helicopter tour operators. They needed to be unique – but didn’t know how.

Customer Helicopters - Churchill
Customer Helicopters - Churchill

Our Approach

When CoPilot met with Custom Helicopters, we made the decision to take a flight an hour before sunset to try and capture the best light. Our goal was to create unique photo and video content that could be used on their website, brochures, airport signage and other marketing channels.


We brought a crew in a six seat helicopter and lifted off with Custom Helicopters for a sunset excursion. We encountered whales, moose, elk, snow geese and polar bears all within a 30-minute time frame – creating captivating content focused on the inspiring landscape that Churchill has to offer.

Customer Helicopters - Churchill


One flight above their competition.

Shortly after we sent our finished content to Custom Helicopters, the CEO had reached out to the Churchill location commending them and asking where they could get additional content created… It was used in a widespread campaign through traditional and digital marketing –  taking Custom Helicopters one flight above their competition.