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Reviving the Slopes

The Challenge

Asessippi Ski Area & Resort is a beautiful 26-run ski resort situated in one of the largest valleys of Manitoba. When Manitobans drive west towards the mountains, they practically have to drive past this ski area. With the slow decline of new guests and Asessippi celebrating it’s 20th birthday, Asessippi looked towards CoPilot to develop a year-long strategy that would get people excited about winter on the slopes again.

Our Approach

Reintroducing an old Friend

Prior to CoPilot partnering with Asessippi, they had very rarely engaged in traditional or digital marketing practices. For their 20th birthday, we made the decision to create a retro-themed campaign to spark nostalgia in guests.

“Trey O’Shay”

After a few meetings with the Asessippi team, it was clear they had a devoted community wanting to make their home Manitoba’s winter paradise. In order to create brand recognition, we introduced Trey O’Shay – a quirky character fitted with a one piece retro snowsuit, a snow-covered moustache and the iconic ski goggle tan. The Asessippi team fell in love with the concept and thus, Trey O’Shay was born.


We found our actor and immediately started pre-production. Within a matter of weeks, we were in the studio shooting over 10 commercials to use across all platforms. We created 20+ billboards incapsulating the voice of Trey O’shay, even rebranding their social media presence to inherit his identity – he was a hit.


Within the first month, our commercials, memes, GIFs, photos and contests garnered over 1,500,000 impressions. Since CoPilot, Asessippi’s impressions across all platforms have nearly tripled – and that was just the beginning.